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Terms and conditions

General Terms and Conditions of Business and Use of the Website/Shop

The General Terms and Conditions are drawn up in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act (ZVPot-UPB2)

The Website is operated by Gostinstvo, Haler d.o.o., Olimje 6, 3254 Podčetrtek, an e-commerce service provider (hereinafter referred to as "Provider"). Upon registration in the system, the visitor obtains a username and password. The username and password unambiguously identify and link the user to the data entered. By registering, the visitor becomes a user and acquires the right to purchase.

The General Terms and Conditions of Business deal with the operation of the online shop, the rights of the user and the business relationship between the provider and the buyer.


The Company undertakes to provide the following information to the Customer at all times:
- the identity of the company (name, registered office, registration number),
- contact details (e-mail, telephone),
- the essential characteristics of the goods,
- the availability of the products (each product offered on the website is available within a reasonable period of time),
- the terms of delivery of the product or service (method, place and time of delivery),
- the prices (clearly and unambiguously set out, showing whether they include taxes and transport costs),
- method of payment and delivery,
- the period of validity of the offer,
- the period within which the contract may be withdrawn from and the conditions for withdrawal,
- an explanation of the complaints procedure, including full details of the contact person or customer service.

Products and quality of goods

The Buyer shall use the Products with care and diligenced and strictly in accordance with the Seller's instructions.The Buyer's warranty and guarantee claim shall be extinguished by the Buyer's tampering with the Goods which is not in accordance with the Seller's instructions or by improper handling. The Seller warrants that its goods comply with the applicable regulations on the quality of goods in Slovenia and the European Union.


All prices in this online shop are regular selling prices and are quoted in EUR. The price of the products and the commercial terms are set by the seller.

All prices include VAT, unless expressly stated otherwise.

Prices are valid at the time of placing the order and have no predetermined validity.

Prices shall be valid in the event of payment by the methods of payment indicated above, subject to the conditions indicated above.

The contract of sale between the supplier and the buyer is concluded at the moment the order is confirmed by the supplier (the buyer receives an e-mail with the status "order confirmed").

Payment terms and retention of title

The method of payment shall be payment to TRR by invoice or card payment, unless otherwise agreed in writing between the Seller and the Buyer. Payment shall be deemed to have been made when the purchase price arrives in the Seller's account. The Goods sold shall remain the property of the Seller after delivery into the possession of the Buyer until the Buyer has paid the full purchase price and any remaining obligations. The goods shall remain the property of the Seller until all obligations of the Buyer have been settled, irrespective of their origin. If the Buyer fails to comply with the mutual agreements, in particular in the event of default in payment, the Seller shall be entitled to repossess the Goods. The Seller shall not thereby be deemed to have withdrawn from the contractual relationship unless he expressly declares so in writing at the time of taking delivery of the goods.

Delivery and collection of goods

The Seller is obliged to deliver the ordered goods in accordance with the written order confirmation. If the Seller is more than 8 days late in delivering the goods beyond the agreed delivery date, the Seller is obliged to notify the Buyer.

The contractual partners for the delivery of the consignments are DPD, Pošta Slovenije and GLS, but the Seller reserves the right to choose another delivery service if this will enable the Seller to fulfil the order more efficiently.

By purchasing and selecting a delivery service, the Buyer agrees that, in order to facilitate communication between the Buyer and the delivery service, the telephone number provided at the time of purchase will be recorded on the delivery form.

In the event of any problems with the delivery of your parcel or any damage to the parcel, please contact the delivery service. Please also inform us of any problems.

If you have not purchased a product where free delivery is indicated, the delivery charge is payable by the buyer or recipient of the goods.

Procurement steps

Adding products to your shopping bag
The customer adds the relevant product from the online shop to the shopping basket by clicking on the "shop" button. You can add as many products as you like to your shopping bag. Once you have finished adding, you can continue shopping later or complete your purchase. Once the selection of products is complete and the shopping bag has been viewed, the customer proceeds to the checkout.

To proceed with the purchase, the customer must provide the correct contact details and specify the method of delivery and payment. Unregistered buyers must first complete the registration form and register before making their first purchase.

Completion of purchase
Before completing your purchase, please double-check that the list of products you have ordered is correct. You will receive a report of your order to your email address.

Tender validity period

Prices are valid until new prices are published in the online shop.

Refund of purchase price

We will refund all payments made to the buyer who cancels the order. The only charge for cancellation is the cost of returning the goods. We will refund the money as soon as possible, but no later than fifteen days after receipt of the cancellation notice.

Return of goods

By placing an order, the buyer confirms that he/she accepts our terms and conditions of sale. The Buyer may cancel the order within 15 days after the delivery of the goods (except for the purchase of perishable goods - beer, where cancellation is not possible). In case we cannot guarantee delivery of the goods, we may also withdraw from the order. We will inform the buyer by e-mail or telephone. The consumer has the right to notify the company ( within 15 days of delivery of the goods that he/she wishes to withdraw from the contract, without having to give a reason for his/her decision. The cost of returning the goods shall be borne by the buyer. The goods must be returned to the Seller within 15 days of the date of the cancellation notice. The goods must be returned undamaged and in the same quantity. Refunds will be made as soon as possible and at the latest within 15 days of delivery of the returned goods.

Information on pages

Content and other errors on the site are possible and should they lead to a dispute, we will try to resolve it amicably.

Validity of the order

By placing an order, the buyer confirms that he accepts our terms and conditions of sale! The buyer can withdraw from the contract within 15 days after the delivery of the goods (except for the purchase of perishable goods - beer, where no withdrawal is possible). In case we cannot guarantee the delivery of the goods, we may withdraw from the order. We will inform the buyer by e-mail or telephone.


The Provider shall use its best endeavours to ensure that the information published on its website is up-to-date and correct. However, the characteristics of the items, the delivery period or the price may change so quickly that the provider is unable to correct the information on the website in time. In such a case, the supplier will inform the customer of the changes and give the customer the opportunity to withdraw from the order or to exchange the item ordered.

The Provider is not responsible for the content of the reviews written by visitors. The Provider shall review the reviews before publication and reject those that are manifestly untrue, misleading or offensive. The Provider is not responsible for the information contained in the reviews and disclaims any liability arising from the information contained in the reviews.

Although the supplier endeavours to provide accurate photographs of the items for sale, all photographs should be taken as symbolic. Photographs do not guarantee the characteristics of the product.

Protection of personal data

The Provider undertakes to protect all personal data of the User at all times.

The Provider will use the personal data exclusively for the purpose of order fulfilment (sending information material, offers, invoices) and other necessary communication.

Under no circumstances will the user's data be passed on to unauthorised persons.

The user is responsible for the protection of his/her personal data by ensuring the security of his/her username and password.

We are not responsible for the accuracy of the data entered by users. The Buyer agrees to be contacted by Gostinstvo, Haler d.o.o., unless the Buyer expressly objects to this in writing. We provide the delivery service with the user's address and, if necessary, telephone number, but only for the purpose of delivery of the goods.

Complaints and disputes

The Provider shall comply with applicable consumer protection legislation and shall endeavour to fulfil its obligation to provide an effective complaints handling system.

In the event of a problem, the Buyer may contact the Seller by telephone on 041 200 260 or by e-mail at to lodge a complaint. The complaint handling process is confidential.

The Seller shall use its best endeavours to resolve any disputes amicably.

In accordance with legal norms, Gostinstvo, Haler d.o.o. does not recognise any out-of-court consumer dispute resolution provider as competent to resolve a consumer dispute that a consumer may raise under the Act on the Out-of-Court Settlement of Consumer Disputes.

Consumers have the possibility to resolve disputes relating to their online order without involving the courts in the first instance.

The Online Consumer Dispute Resolution platform is available at or
The above-mentioned regime is based on the Law on Out-of-Court Settlement of Consumer Disputes Regulation (EU) No 524/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council on online dispute resolution for consumer disputes and amending Regulation (EC) No 2016/2004 and Directive 2009/22/EC.

If an amicable settlement of the disagreement between the parties is not possible, the court of the Seller's registered office shall have jurisdiction to settle the dispute, and Slovenian law shall apply to the assessment of the contractual provisions.

Warning under the ZIsRPS

In accordance with Article 32(3) of the ZIsRPS Act, the Provider informs the website visitors, potential and existing customers who have the status of a consumer within the meaning of Article 4(1) of the ZIsRPS Act, that it does not recognise any IRPS provider as competent to resolve a consumer dispute that a consumer may initiate in accordance with this Act, which means that any disputes that may arise, if the parties are unable to resolve them amicably, shall be settled before a competent court.

Registration details

Gostinstvo, Haler d.o.o.
Sedež: Olimje 6, 3254 Podčetrtek
Matična številka: 8382425000
Davčna številka: SI12715069
Davčni zavezanec: DA
Vpis v registrski organ: 28.2.2019
Kraj vpisa: AJPES, izpostava Celje



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