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Radler lime

Radler lime

Radler lime is a refreshing drink made of light Haler beer. It has a cloudy, yelowish colour. A strong aroma of sweet lime can be tasted. It makes this beverage very refreshing. You can also taste a mild sweetness with some lemon bitterness and with a lot of taste of a refreshing lime. Radler is a very refreshing and drinkable beverage that is desired especially in hot summer days.

Ingridients: barley malt, Slovenian hop types (Aurora and Styrian Kolibri), beer yeast, water, sugar, citrus and lime aroma, citric and ascorbic acid

Beer type: radler

Alcohol vol %: 2,5

Beer in a 2-liter plastic bottle

7,00 € incl. VAT

*Only personal pick up possible at our location.

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